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Hybrid Education

Article: The Uncommon Benefits of Hybrid Schooling

What is Hybrid Education?

Hybrid Education is a learning plan that is personalized for each individual student that combines on-line, on-campus, and/or at-home learning. Christian Victory Academy (CVA) specializes in creating individualized learning for students based on parent involvement, personal strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and personal preferences. Students can enjoy the opportunity to take classes on campus, online, and/or at home with their parents. Our Homeschool parents are guided by Paula Williamson, who homeschooled her children for 14 years and has continued to guide others for over 20 years.

What are the benefits of Hybrid Education?

Hybrid Education is the future of instruction models. Combining on-line, on-campus, and homeschool learning helps to create the ideal learning environment for each student. A student may excel at English, but stuggle with mathmatics. This student may prefer to take English online and move at his own pace, knowing that he can contact a teacher whenever he needs any additional help or for any questions. However, he may need that classroom interaction to be able to understand mathematics, so he can take that on campus. The best part is that CVA's on campus classes are only two to three days a week, leaving ample time for homework, on-line courses, homeschool courses, and family time.

Taking advantage of any combination of these three learning environments encourages time management, problem solving, study skills, and critical-thinking skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

QI would prefer not to use all three learning strategies for my child, can I just use one or two?
 AYES. CVA personalizes a learning strategy for each student. You can choose to enroll your child in all on-campus classes, all on-line courses, or you can be a full-time homeshcool parent and teach everything at home! You can mix and match these options to fit your child your and lifestyle.
QI've noticed classes for 4th - 12th grade are only two days per week. Can my child be on-campus for a third day?
 AYES. CVA offers a third day for students to either take elective classes like Yearbook, P.E., and Art. Students not enrolled in electives can also take advantage of our On-Campus Study Day, which allows them to be on campus with a teacher as they study or do homework.
QCan my child take on-line courses but go on campus to work on his computer?
 AYES. On-line students wishing to work on their computers on campus may do so for an additional fee. Students may only work on campus during the three days offered for our on-campus classes. The advantage of this is that they will always have a teacher there to help them immediately should they encounter any problems while they work on their computers.
QDo you offer any scholarships?
 AYES. CVA offers partial scholarships for single moms and senior pastors/missionaries wishing to participate in our on-line and/or on-campus programs.
QDo you accept any scholarships?
 AThe Step Up, McKay, and PLSA Scholarships are specifically designed for schools that have classes on campus five days per week. CVA approaches education from a university style perspective, thus students are on campus three days per week and at home doing their assignments and projects the other two days. Therefore, we cannot accept the scholarships.