"Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one." ~Ephesians 6:16

CVA is proud to join with Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Programs.

While there are many youth oriented programs in America today, CAP's cadet program is unique in that it uses aviation as a cornerstone. The program allows young people to progress at their own pace through a 16-step program including aerospace education, leadership training, physical fitness and moral leadership. Cadets compete for academic scholarships to further their studies in fields such as engineering, science, aircraft mechanics, aerospace medicine, meteorology, as well as many others. Those cadets who earn cadet officer status may enter the Air Force as an E3 (airman first class) rather than an E1 (airman basic).

Whatever your interests - survival training, flight training, photography, astronomy - there's a place for you in CAP's cadet program.

"I think Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is great because it gives me an opportunity for many things I never would have been able to do. I've flown in a high-tech flight simulator, looked at an F-22 up close, and been to a mini-bootcamp. They give you the opportunity to actually fly when you're just 14! CAP is really fun and a learning experience that you'll never forget, especially if you love planes!"

CJ - CVA Student, 2013

"Civil Air Patrol helped me with my medical problems. Physical Training night has always scared me at first. You have to run one mile. At the last P.T. I was running with my friend and we were behind everyone else. He really encouraged me to run faster and I beat my record time that night. I've met a lot of new friends in CAP and the unit is always there for you. They support you all the way and never give up on you."

Allison - CVA Student, 2013

"Civil Air Patrol is a fabulous military organization that has enhanced my son's work ethic and developed outstanding leadership skills. They train the students to be disciplined in everything they do and accountable for their actions both during CAP activities and in their personal lives. They learn that they are held to a higher standard and they strive to excel in other areas of their lives as well. Overall Civil Air Patrol is by far the best extracurricular activity and civil service we have ever experienced."

Lisa - CVA Parent, 2013