CVA is open for enrollment all year long. Our unique virtual school allows students to start their program any time of year. Special summer programs are also available!

Christian Victory Academy Online is Fully Accredited by FCCPSA and registered with Florida's Department of Education.

Although the future is yet to be fully revealed, one thing is sure - students will need more than the basics to rise to the top. While a firm foundation in core subject areas is essential, digital literacy is increasingly important. As an established private school, we have been dedicated to preparing students for the future since 1998.

Eighty percent of CVA's 2012 graduates earned the Bright Futures Scholarship.

CVA Online is the perfect choice for students in need of a flexable academic schedule. Our virtual school allows students 24/7 access from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Teachers are there to help students succeed. Our message center is designed to facilitate the flow of information and enrich the learning experience both inside and outside a specific course. Teachers can attach messages to lessons that students can retrieve from their personal mailboxes. The program instantly notifies teachers with messages from students to allow for quick responses.

You have questions, we have answers! Click here to correspond with one of our administrators.