2020 - 2021
Reopening Plan & On-Campus Safety Procedures

Sanitation Protocols for 2020 - 2021

Christian Victory Academy of Central Florida, Inc. Safe Reopening, In Person Plan

At this time, CVA plans to meet in our classrooms on campus beginning August 24th. If the state should mandate otherwise, we will comply. In order to keep everyone healthy and safe, CVA has implemented the following:

  1. Temperature Upon Arrival: Students will have a touchless temperature reading before their parents leave the premises or the students enter the building. If a student’s temperature exceeds 100.4°F, they, and any persons living with them and/or who rode in a vehicle with them to school that day, will not be allowed to enter the building.

  2. Disinfection Procedure: Throughout the day, areas frequented by students and items touched by hand will be wiped with a disinfecting wipe (doorknobs, light switches, etc.). Tables, desks, and chairs will be wiped twice a day, while students are at lunch and when students have left for the day by the staff and/or teachers.

  3. Classroom Space: We do not allow any more than 6 students per class in grades K-3. We do not allow more than 12 students in each class for grades 4-12.

  4. Masks and Hand Sanitizer: CVA is following all Orange County mandates. Therefore, at this time, masks are required to be worn by all students, teachers, staff, and guests while on campus. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide their student(s) with a mask. Students will have mask-free times outdoors while practicing appropriate social distancing. Outdoor mask-free time will take place during lunch and between classes as needed.

    Students are to bring their own hand sanitizer (listed on the supply list). CVA WILL provide hand sanitizers in designated areas, but individual hand sanitizers will help us avoid students congregating in an area. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently and notices of washing of hands are posted.

  5. Distance Learning Option: If our Governor gives an executive order for schools to close, CVA will offer classes via Google Suite and Zoom. Students will Google Meet or Zoom at their scheduled times, be required to turn all assignments in on time through Google Suite, and participate in discussions and presentations just as if they were in the classroom. There is no additional charge for this method, if needed. If students have been exposed and are sent home from school for two (2) weeks, the CVA teacher will use this method of teaching the student at home, if the student is well enough to work.
As always, sick children are to stay home. Anyone who has been knowingly exposed to someone who has tested positive must stay home for two (2) weeks.