Why Paypal?

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Paypal is a great way to make various payments to CVA because it:

- Saves Time (can be done in seconds... no need to come to school... and you can pay any time, day or night)
- Saves Money (no need to drive in to school or use checks or envelopes. It is 100% free to make payments through Paypal)
- Is Organized (no more lost checks or confusion over what a check is paying for... it's all right there, and you get a receipt for your records)
- Is Secure (Paypal is the leader in online payments; we never see your account information, and you don't have to save it to the Paypal site)

Paypal is an innovative and safe way to make payments for a wide range of things via the Internet. Paypal allows you to pay with either your credit card or your checking account, without revealing any account information to whom you pay. Paypal has become the world leader in online payments, and you have the option of signing up for a free account (that will make future payments even quicker) or telling them not to store any information (in case you don't feel safe having your information stored anywhere). Through this website, you can now submit CVA payments quickly and easily. Information is encrypted on this site and on Paypal's site to protect you from any malicious attacks or prying eyes. This walkthrough should help answer any questions you may have.

For more about the benefits of using Paypal, please go to their main website here